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Useful resources for supporting maths (click for the link)

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The key to mathematical development is an awareness of the value of number. Children who can visualise mathematical problems are usually more able to solve complex problems and apply their understanding to unfamiliar puzzles. 

From an early age, counting is vital to support this development however there are specific skills that need to be developed within counting itself. For more information about developing earlier counting skills, click here. 

At Sapperton, we use a range of resources to teach maths including Numicon, Cuisenaire, counters,  cubes and bead strings. These all help children to develop an awareness of the comparative value of numbers to each other. 

As maths resources are fun to play with, having some at home would be both enjoyable and educational. On the right of the page are links to some websites for the sort of equipment that we use regularly in school.

In Year 2, 3 and 4, children have different times tables that they are taught and expected to try and learn. 

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
count in 2s, 5s & 10s












At the end of Year 4, all children sit an online check of their knowledge of the times tables to up to 12. This is a national check for all children. On TTrocks, the Soundcheck game is very similar to the end of year check as it gives 6 seconds to answer each of 25 questions with a 3 second rest.  

Maths at each stage.

As in all areas, children develop at different rates in their understanding of maths. However, the EYFS Framework and National Curriculum outline the expectations for each year group. Obviously, some children will be able to do certain aspects at an earlier stage than others but this document outlines the focus for teaching number for each year group.