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Ratio Tables

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Maths at Home

All children should have now received a login for My Maths

Problem of the day

Shape x Shape = Shape

Odd x even

Two Towers

Odd one out

Towers of Hanoi



Consecutive numbers




Why don't you try making a puzzle for others to solve and post it on our Facebook group, or email it in and it can go on the website. 


 Code Cracker of the day

1. Here's a nice simple one to get you started...



2.                                                    The 1 by 2 Pattern

3. The Backward Alphabet Code

Now read this...

Bvhgviwzb'h zmhdvi...Hovvkb, Hmvvab, Wlx, Tifnkb, Yzhsufo, Szkkb, zmw Wlkvb

4. Backwards Alphabet again...

Slkv blf ziv dvoo. Kovzh ovg nv pmld ru blf mvvw zmbgsrmt. 

5. Shift 1 Code

Now read this...

Ipx nvdi xppe xpvme b xppedivdl divdl, jg b xppedivdl dpvme divdl xppe?

6. Shift 1 code again...

Xf ipqf fwfszcpez ibt b tbgf boe ifbmuiz Fbtufs. 

7. Shift code again...but not 1.


8. Shift code...but how many times?

Lsa uymgopc hmh csy wspzi mx?