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Maths games 

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Highly recommended


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Phonics through play

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Online books and phonics

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Stories to listen to

BrainPOP Homepage

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 Writing ideas

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All topics from the National Curriculum

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Stories with yoga

Interactive maths (app is free)

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Educational games

National Geographic Kids (Author of Weird But True)

Educational activities



A guide to using Google Classroom

We have now setup Google Classroom for all children with suggestions for work to do at home. You can do these activities or perhaps trying some of the ideas below. Obviously, this is only a suggestion and it's completely up to you, but it might help. For younger children, changing activities more frequently might be better. Often people ask me how I 'cope all day with 30 children'. My answer is usually that I just keep them busy!!

Suggested timetable

time subject
9.00 exercise
9.15 maths fluency
9.30 maths
10.15 exercise & snack
10.45 spelling/phonics
11.00 writing
12.00 exercise and lunch
1.00 reading
1.20 science, history, geography, RE, languages
2.00 exercise & snack
2.15 art, DT, music, computing
3.00 reflection
3.15 Home-time!!!!

If this all sound too much, reading, maths fluency and exercise are always key, so start with them. 

Try this - Celebrity-led sessions online 

Ideas for each session

New ideas added regularly

 BBC Bitesize have added daily lessons


Maths fluency

  • How many laps of the garden in 2 minutes
  • Cosmic Yoga
  • How many press-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, star jumps in 30 seconds
  • Zumba Kids
  • Go for a walk/cycle round the block
  • TTrocks
  • Roll dice and race to add/multiply them together
  • counting up and down in 1s, 2s, 5s etc. 
  • use lego blocks to create 1 to 10 stairs


Maths Spelling/Phonics
Writing Reading
Science History
Geography RE
  • look in an atlas
  • Google Expeditions
  • Draw a map of your local area
  • Create a booklet about a different country
Languages Art
  • Learn to count in a different language
  • Youtube songs in different languages
  • Bitesize
DT Music
Computing Reflection


  • Think about the activities you've done today and what you've learnt
  • Keep a diary of each day

 Once you've finished your work, why not share it

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