Sapperton Church Of England Primary School


 Growing Together

from the Diocese of Gloucester

 Jumping Fish have created monthly resources to explore and nurture Christian Faith:




Please contact us for a password to access the resources. 

Remote Learning at Sapperton 

Should we need to lockdown part or all of the school again, we will continue to offer remote learning via Google Classroom to ensure that all children have the opportunity to continue their education. This will also be available to those who are self-isolating. 

For whole bubble closure:

Activities will be set for each day to cover the full range of the National Curriculum. At least once each day, teachers will host a live Google Meet with their class to see how everybody is, answer any questions and discuss the day's activities. Teachers will also read whole class stories and teach phonics to the younger year groups. We will also endeavour to provide home-learning packs to ensure that children have time working on paper rather than always using a screen if at all possible. 

For self-isolation of individual children:

Work will be set on Google Classroom for the duration of the period. If feasible, children will be invited to join lessons virtually however this may not always be the case. 

We will use a range of external resources to support home-learning such as:

 Examples of some of the wonderful learning that has taken place during lockdown: