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Here's what our parents think...

"Our daughter has settled into school life so well. She loves coming to school and is clearly having a lot of fun. Thank you to all of the staff for helping her to settle in so quickly, especially as she is so much younger in the year." 

"We cannot fault the education at Sapperton school. Both of our girls come home and tell us about the fun that they have had and the activities that they have enjoyed. The girls are happy and well cared for and we would not hesitate in recommending this school to others. We are so grateful to all of the staff at Sapperton school for making our children's learning so fun, engaging and memorable."

"Having an older child already at school I was so pleased my youngest son got a place here at Sapperton. Starting school is a scary time for any child but it was evident from his first day just how much he loves this school, teachers and friends which was a huge relief. My son is eager to go to school everyday and has made a great group of friends."

 "The reception teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure her class thrive in a positive learning environment despite Covid restrictions. I am absolutely amazed at how much learning my son has already achieved in such a short space of time it really is a testament to his teachers for their dedication to this class and school."

"The classes are small therefore offering the children a more personal approach to learning. Children's struggles and achievements are always highlighted and never missed…"

"Reception class enjoy the photography club around the local village and make full use of their great surroundings. It really is such a lovely little school."



Foundation Stage at Sapperton

Here at Sapperton, our Christian Vision - to nurture faith, to inspire success - leads all decisions in how we approach supporting our reception starters through their first year at school. Many children are 'ready' for school and can't wait to start, while others need a little more encouragement to take those first tentative steps across the playground. No matter how your child feels on their first day, we create a nurturing environment that gives children the opportunity to develop their confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding whilst developing faith in both themselves and those around them. By creating opportunities to investigate the world, through our continuous provision, we hope to inspire children to go on to be creative, enthusiastic, considerate and successful

Whilst continuous provision is fundamental every single day, allowing children to actively explore, investigate and challenge themselves freely, we also prioritise the most important developmental steps for future success - phonetical awareness and number sense. In these two areas, we take a more formal approach to teaching, ensuring that children develop the strong foundations on which to build.   

Phonetical Awareness

Phonics is rigorously delivered almost every single day using a scheme from Oxford University Press - Floppy's Phonics. Over the course of the scheme, children will encounter the variety of sounds which make up the English Language and, with high quality instruction and support, will learn to read fluently and with enjoyment. Recently, we have invested heavily in our reading resources as we believe it is so vital. All staff have also been fully trained in the scheme to ensure consistency of teaching across the school. 

Number Sense

As with phonics, number sense is developed formally almost every day. Having a full awareness of number - what it means, what it looks like, what its value is, how it compares to other numbers - is fundamental to mathematical development. Spatial ability is also critical for developing number fluency and so we focus much of our teaching time on the use of physical resources. For more information about maths at Sapperton, visit our Maths Page

Throughout the year, each child's development is recorded and shared with parents and carers using our online learning journal - Tapestry.  

If you wish to know more about the full Foundation Stage curriculum, visit our EYFS page.