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Daily Anagrams

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Tuesday 24th



Wednesday 25th



Thursday 26th

bossy lip

fling wool

Friday 27th

bel nessi


This week's wordsearch

Monday 30th

a repulse


Tuesday 31st

it oppose

cc nose queen

Wednesday 1st 

shady oil

dear news

Thursday 2nd

yard shut

scenic terre

Friday 3rd

lose invite

rogue celts

This week's wordsearch

Monday 20th

mute crop

pardon ugly

Tuesday 21st

beatles mist

a brew rod

Wednesday 22nd

mime account

two moray

Thursday 23rd

dinner gag

hen sinus

Friday 24th

candi etc

ha pistol

This week's wordsearch

Monday 27th

oates pot

beagles vet

Tuesday 28th

co innocent

in a flair

Wednesday 29th

a frontiers

raf wallet

Thursday 30th

ethel nap

pup aims photo

Friday 1st

saul tiara

lycra flue

This week's wordsearch



English at home

Helping your child to read at home is vital at this time. Here's a few tips on what you can do...

7 tips to support reading

Reading with trust

Picture News

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Week 1 - Space Tourism

Download: Writing templates

Week 2 - Remaining Positive

Download: Writing templates

Week 3 - Travel

Download: Writing templates


Week 4 - Computer Games

Download: Writing templates

 Want some inspiration for writing? Look at the recent photographs from our day with Iain Green

 Harry Potter at Home

JK Rowling has launched Harry Potter at Home for kids in lockdown



These words are the first 300 words in terms of frequency in texts. Children should develop their skills to both read them instantly and also spell them accurately. 
First 100 high frequency words Next 200 high frequency words
These words are grouped by phase and phoneme to give ideas of the sort of word children are expected to spell.
These words are list in the National Curriculum for the relevant year groups and are taught in spelling. Children are expected to be able to spell most of them accurately. 
Year 3 & 4 spellings Year 5 & 6 spellings

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