Sapperton Church Of England Primary School

Our Year 5 & 6 children are in Elder Class supported by Mrs Crampton and Mrs Reed.

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Welcome to Elder class. We are named after the Elder trees that grow in the grounds of the school. The word Elder originates from the Anglo Saxon word aeld meaning fire. The stems of the Elder are hollow and were once used to blow air into fires.

This term we are gazing up to the skies to study space. We will be studying the planets in our solar system, looking at their size, the order from the sun and their atmosphere. We will examine the phases of the moon, why the length of a day varies with the time of year, and time zones. We will study famous astronomers and examine the change from the geocentric model of our solar system to the heliocentric model.

In English, we will be writing detailed explanations of some of these processes as well as researching and presenting facts about a chosen planet. We will also be studying the book Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, which describes the journeys of 4 black women during the war, who overcame prejudice to work as computers and engineers for NACA and NASA. Relating to this we will write a persuasive letter to a judge and will create an biography about one of the four remarkable women from the book.

This year's planning: