Sapperton Church Of England Primary School

Our Year 3 & 4 children are in Rowan Class supported by Mrs Coombs, Mrs Farrell and Mrs Reed.

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Welcome to Rowan class, you may be wondering why are we called this? We chose this particular tree name because there is a beautiful Rowan tree growing in the corner of our adventure playground. It is a tree steeped in history and mythology. Rowan comes from the old Norse word for tree-'Raun.' It is said that people used to put rowan sprigs in their houses for protection and sailors took it on board ships to ensure safe journeys!

Rowan class will be looking at the achievements of the earliest civilisations with a focus on Ancient Egypt. We will look at how the civilisation developed and the importance of the Nile. We will also explore the beliefs that Ancient Egyptians held and how and why pyramids were built. To finish our topic, we will answer the question: Should the Ancient Egyptians be proud of the pyramids?  

Our English curriculum is focused around our class book, Pugs of the Frozen North. We will be reading the book and using it as a basis to write diary entries and our own version of an adventure story. We will look at myths, legends and poetry from the Arctic region. 

This term, the science units of study are Living Things and Rocks.

This year's planning: