Our Year 3 & 4 children are in Rowan Class taught by Ms Powis, Miss Preece & Mrs Davies.

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Welcome to Rowan class, you may be wondering why are we called this? We chose this particular tree name because there is a beautiful Rowan tree growing in the corner of our adventure playground. It is a tree steeped in history and mythology. Rowan comes from the old Norse word for tree-'Raun.' It is said that people used to put rowan sprigs in their houses for protection and sailors took it on board ships to ensure safe journeys!

Rowan class will be finding out about and comparing the islands of Iceland, Jamaica and the U.K. We will consider in what ways they may be similar or different; using atlases to identify the islands and key seas/countries close to these regions. We will be building on our understanding and making comparisons between familiar and extreme aspects of physical and human geography and how they affect the people living there.

Our English curriculum also links to this unit of study. We will be reading and writing poetry and our own folk tales  from these regions and we will be listening to and aiming to create reggae rhythms in music lessons.

This term, the science units of study are electricity and functions of the digestive system.  

This year's planning: